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Yamaha dpx 530 - Сделано в Японии

сабвуферный Van den Hul D - 300 III HYBRID (single) - в избранное

Van den Hul D - 300 III HYBRID (single)

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Van den Hul D - 300 III HYBRID (single) - обзор, характеристики

The D - 300 III HYBRID interconnect brings van den Hul's exclusive carbon/metal hybrid cable technology down to a new, affordable price level.

Available in 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0 m. and larger lengths to order - the D - 300 III HYBRID is suitable for a wide variety of applications. With a characteristic impedance of 75 Ohms, the cable is ideally qualified for use as an easily affordable digital or video interconnect upgrade in both hi-fi and audio visual systems. It is said to deliver particularly fine results carrying DVD digital audio. It is, however, equally suitable for analogue applications - as a DVD, CD, tape or tuner interconnect, or for pre-amplifier/power amplifier connections in high quality systems. In all circumstances, though, it promises a dramatic upgrade over equipment manufacturer supplied cables.

The cable construction is complex and is based around a centre conductor made from one high-grade copper strand, with a dense, pure silver layer and a special LSC - Linear Structured Carbon ® - coating. Capacitance between the signal lines is extremely low thanks to a foamed polyethylene insulation with a superb dielectric constant - a factor that has a strong influence on sound quality. The shielding is made from 112, high purity, dense silver-coated Matched Crystal, OFC strands. Underneath is a Linear Structured Carbon ® saturated tape that further shields the cable from external signals and substantially improves the signal quality. The shield's DC resistance is very low, which minimises the effects of unwanted currents in complex ground systems and provides high immunity to external electric fields and noise. The D - 300 III HYBRID's outer jacket is made of HULLIFLEX ® 3, an advanced, flexible and chemically inert insulator with properties ideally suited to audio cables.

Also noteworthy is that van den Hul's manufacturing techniques are designed to reduce the ageing of the wire and guarantee it a long working life.

The cable's sound is described as well balanced, rich in detail and extremely smooth at high frequencies, with exceptional bass reproduction and excellent image depth and stereo focus. The D - 300 III HYBRID is also said to be less system-dependent than many of its competitors and its high immunity to external electric fields and noise is a worthwhile benefit with modern digital systems.

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Комплектация и конфигурация оборудования могут быть изменены производителем без предварительного уведомления.
Пожалуйста, уточняйте характеристики и комлпектацию товара у наших менеджеров.

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